Personal democratization: how Ukraine becomes more democratic with the help of civic tech

1. Follow decisions that influence your city’s development

Open Odessa team. Photo: Andriy Krepkikh / UNDP
  • Decisions and draft decisions of a city council in a convenient format. In addition to the published documents, the application provides information on how critical and important each decision is. So, a user can decide what information deserves his or her attention the most.
  • Profiles of all city council representatives. In each profile, you can find an official’s declaration, his or her biography, links to pages in social networks and information on a person’s quality of work at the council. The application shows if a person has been present at the council’s meetings and how he or she voted on each draft decision. You can choose the council members that you want to follow and receive a notification when their profiles are updated.

2. Join the anti-corruption movement

Bihus.Info team. Photo: Andriy Krepkikh / UNDP

3. Make a smart choice

Oleksandra Kuziva, Civil Movement CHESNO Campaign Co-ordinator. Photo: Andriy Krepkikh / UNDP



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