Thread by thread

“I’ve always loved sewing,” Maria recalls sadly. “I had a lot of orders from friends and acquaintances, and I was very happy that sewing brought in additional income. Imagine, I had almost bought everything I needed — sewing and cover-stitch machines, a serger for doing seams, and ironing equipment. I dreamed of having a small cosy workroom, and was already looking at rental options. At that time, it seemed that the universe was helping me to make everything work out … Unfortunately, it didn’t.”

“At that time there was still a glimmer of hope in my heart that it would all be short-lived — the city was about to be liberated, and everything would be as it was before,” says Maria.

“I remember making a seam on an old dress after such a long break — it was like taking a gulp of fresh air,” Maria smiles.I started taking orders again: to sew someone a skirt, trousers for someone else. So things became a little more fun.”

“Going into the workshop, I was pleasantly surprised — I saw three high-class sewing machines, a professional serger (I recently dreamed of buying one, but could not afford it), steam systems, mannequins, and very good professional scissors,” she says with admiration.

“In the workshop we met with the girls twice a week, the atmosphere was always very friendly: some cut material, some drew designs, but due to lockdown the meetings were scaled down. Now we see each other in groups of no more than four people and we always wear masks.”

“I’m very friendly with the girls in the workshop,” Maria smiles. “I’m glad that I can not only study, but also just have a nice chat and some tea. Sometimes we even gossip a little.”

“Now I have even stronger motivation and faith in my own strength — I plan to move to another city and am already working on a business plan. I know for sure that I’m moving in the right direction. I’m very grateful to the workshop, because it helped me believe in myself again. Although I will miss it like mad!”



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