Ukraine’s environmental priorities in 13 visual infographics

Economy or environment? Every fifth person chooses the environment

Combating climate change can accelerate economic growth

Where do solutions to environmental problems originate?

The absolute majority of citizens consider climate change to be a serious problem in Ukraine

The majority of citizens believe that the Government does not take the environment seriously enough

Support to sustainable energy leads the measures that the state takes in environmental protection

Effective waste management is a key priority of the Green Agenda for Ukraine for the next 5 years

One half of the population consider ensuring the lowest energy price to be the main priority in the energy sector

Water pollution is a concern for 70% of Ukrainians

Waste sorting and plastic reduction are leaders among the population’s environmental habits

Half of Ukrainian citizens believe the absence of penalties is the main obstacle to improving the environmental situation

For the overwhelming majority of the population, the presence of environmental provisions in political programs of parties or candidates is important



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