Working on environmental policy in Ukraine is ‘not a job in the classical public sector’

“The NGO sector rushes to various demonstrations, while the public sector attends formal meetings,” she says. “The activists do everything far more emotionally. We do things more deeply. The official delegation has a better understanding of the technical details and the legal nuances. While civil society works with awareness-raising, it’s the state that makes the decisions.”

Volkova believes that civil society’s task is to ensure that the decisions made by the state are right. However, many activists do not want to interact with politicians. “They say they are apolitical and against any cooperation. But how will they achieve their goals then? Nothing will change without influencing decision-making at the state level,” Volkova says.

“We don’t have an expert dialogue, you see. There are no experts who can come (to MPs) and say what is right, what is wrong, and why. So we’ll have to train them,” the MP’s assistant explains.

Who could become such experts? In her opinion, first and foremost they should be MP assistants who are interested in these topics and who want to develop further in this direction. “These are people who have already come into politics. We just need to provide them with the relevant knowledge,” Volkova says.

“I always check with it to see where we still have gaps,” Volkova says. “Of course, we want to do everything all at once, but they have to be done in order. For example, it’s not that easy just to ban plastic. This law has to be integrated into the law on waste packaging. But first we have to adopt a law on waste. It’s all connected, so one needs patience.”



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